Recently, Niels purchased a new MacBook Pro. A great computer, even if it’s a bit pricey. To compensate for this investment, he decided to sell his old MacBook Pro from 2013. The old MacBook was in a fairly good state and it had always worked reliably. A potential buyer however, rightly pointed out that the coating on the retina screen was damaged. As a result of which, the sale fell through. Such a bummer.

The issue of the anti-reflective coating wearing off turned out to be well documented. Apple had even started a repair program, which offered free repairs for eligible MacBook models.

Unfortunately, this program stipulated that it only applied up to 4 years after the purchase date. Having purchased the MacBook in 2013, this meant that Niels’ MacBook no longer qualified. Not following the news around Apple all the time, he had missed out on a free repair.

Talking on WhatsApp, Niels told Boy about what happened. Boy suggested there should have been some tool that notified people of Apple repair programs, so that they wouldn’t miss out on free repairs or exchange programs which they didn’t hear about. And that’s how the idea for Repair Alert was born.

The tool we created monitors the Apple Exchange and Repair program page continuously, so you don’t have to.

Apple does not currently publish all existing repair programs to its website. Some are kept internal, like the one covering the anti-reflective coating issues. If you encounter a repair program that doesn’t show up on the Apple Exchange and Repair program page, we would love it if you let us know. Our email address is: hi [at] this domain [dot] me.


In the end the people at the Apple store were nice enough to repair my MacBook screen for free, even though it was no longer eligible for the repair program. 💻❤️